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michaelgclifford: Hi I played this song for you


Luke talking about Ashton’s new glasses. 12/9

Q: michael dropping the tough cool guy act and acting super fluffy and cute and vulnerable around you for the first time since you guys started dating? -Anonymous


omg this is so cute but i kinda wrote something different my imagination ran away from me

okay so michael would be that guy in school who’d always be wearing a leather jacket and got like 3 suspensions for smoking or drinking on school premises (but he kept doing it anyways), and that was whenever he even bothered to come into school

you wouldn’t have many classes with him, just english and history, which he was hardly ever in anyways, and when he would be in he’d never be paying attention, instead might be fiddling with a lighter under the desk or scribbling doodles on the cover of his book

one day when you’d be coming from class these assholes would be leaning against the wall near your locker and as soon as they saw you they’d start fake coughing and muttering ‘slut’ and ‘bitch’ under their breaths but you’d just ignore it and carry on doing your books but then you heard a deep harsh voice coming from behind you

"what did you just call her?" it growled and you’d whip around and see michael standing there, his fists clenched and his face flushing red. his jaw muscles would be bulging and you could tell that he was fighting the urge to punch someone.

one of the more cockier assholes would draw himself up and confidently reply “we called her a slu-” but couldn’t finish because michael would draw his fist back and drive it into the side of the guy’s face. hard.

michael’d look at you and grab your hand and pull you away, muttering a hurried “let’s go” somewhere along the way

he’d take you to his favourite spot, the corner of the football field, hidden under the bleachers and the place would smell faintly of weed and it’d be kind of awkward at first because you wouldn’t know whether to thank him or what but eventually he’d break the silence and say “if you ever get any trouble from any guy i want you to let me know, okay?” and you’d be kind of shocked and barely manage to stammer out an “okay”

after that it would become a regular thing for you two and you’d start to look forward to ditching history together and you’d go under the bleachers for an hour and mikey would play you some of his favourite music and maybe smoke a joint. sometimes you would even fall asleep for half an hour so he’d start to keep blankets there and you’d rest on his shoulder and you’d continue to do this routine for weeks until he finally asked you out

after that he’d be even more protective of you and after school he wouldn’t try to distract you as you did your homework in that special spot but you two would end up making out anyways and you never got caught


5 Seconds of Summer perform “Teenage Dream" at Sirius XM, 07.22.14

Luke looking at Ashton on BBC Radio 1


cal’s lip bite fuk

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5 Seconds of Summer arrive at BBC radio 1 studios and take photos with fans - September 4th, 2014

laying out with michael on a cold september night and you’re cuddled together on a trampoline while wearing the hoodie michael insisted you wear bc you were getting cold and michael didn’t feel like getting up to get another hoodie or let you get up so he just gave you his and even though he’s only kind of chilly he’s using that as an excuse to you to cuddle as close to him as possible

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